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Yamaha T5n


Deze proffesionele versterker van yamaha levert voldoende vermogen voor grote sets.

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Yamaha T5n,
Dynamic power; 20ms burst 2ohms 3400W x 2
4ohms; Bridge 6800W

Output power; 1kHz
2ohms 2500W x 2
4ohms 2350W x 2
8ohms 1350W x 2
4ohms; Bridge 5000W
8ohms; Bridge 4700W
Output power; 20Hz-20kHz
100V line
1250W x 2 ; 8ohms

Line array systems offer many benefits for large scale live sound applications, but because of the many speakers involved they normally need to be driven by a correspondingly large number of power amplifiers. The 2-ohm drive capability of the Tn series amplifiers easily drives multiple speakers in line array systems.Tn series are also an excellent choice for driving multiple parallel-connected Yamaha Installation Series speakers as well as multiple parallel-connected monitor speakers located on the stage. In order to provide stable low-impedance drive capability the Tn amplifiers employ newly developed thin-film power transistors, and flat-wire power transformer windings to minimize heat loss. Many other details contribute, but the final result is totally stable drive capability down to 2 ohms.

– Remote monitoring and control via CobraNet™ Network –
The NetworkAmp Manager is a software application that lets you monitor, manage, and control Tn series and PC-1N series amplifiers connected to a network via the ACU16-C and NHB32-C. The software runs on Windows based computers, and can be used to control a system of up to eight NHB32-C hubs, sixteen ACU16-C control units, and as many as 512 power amplifiers. Simply connect your computer’s COM or USB port to any ACU16-C or NHB32-C on the network, and use the software’s efficient, intuitive graphical interface to remotely monitor and control each networked device.

The ACU16-C amplifier control unit and a PC running NetworkAmp Manager can monitor/control the operating conditions of up to 32 amplifiers, including power, attenuation, inputs, outputs, temperature and load impedance.
A PC running NetworkAmp Manager can be connected not only to an ACU16-C via a USB port, but also to an NHB32-C network hub/bridge on the CobraNet™ network. This versatility gives you full remote amp control capability — for dramatically improved operating efficiency.
Using CobraNet™, the ACU16-C’s D/A conversion function can convert up to 16 channels of digital audio signals to high-quality analog audio signals.
One CobraNet™ network can be used to connect up to 8 NHB32-C units and 16 ACU16-C units — giving you the freedom to configure large-scale audio networks.

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